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Get to know the Pelo Fam

A question we get all the time is how would you describe each member of The Pelo Fam so, let's start with a quick rundown of all of us.

Darcy is an absolute legend, the realist but just when you least expect it he'll hit you with his amazing sense of humour, he is one of the most selfless people I know and very hands on with the kids. He's super passionate about writing, loves every type of sport and a massive Arsenal supporter.

Mayah is a born performer and 5 going on 15, she has the kindest heart, very motherly and she gets excited when she learns to do something she once needed our help with all by herself. You'll quite often find yourself crying with laughter with some of her one liners on social. Not to mention her casually asking me if she can share on instagram in a video that ended up going viral, that if Boris Johnson announces another lockdown she will go over to his house and put him on lockdown. looooool.

Micah-Remi is a little ball of energy and loves building things, you'll often find him playing with lego and trying to fix things but usually because he's broken it so he can put it back together again. He is non-stop but he loves when you take the time to also teach him something that makes him independent. One thing you can always guarantee will happen just after he's got all dressed up is that he will somehow always manage to spill his drink. He was our light at the end of a very low period after we suddenly lost my mum a couple of months before I had him. Remi was my mums name, hence Micah-Remi.

Dream Dream Dream. We had Dream at a planned home birth and didn't have a name for him when he was born. It was the most beautiful experience after a few hours of having him and all the checks had been done our new family of 5 was sat on the sofa in a totally surreal moment. i looked at Darcy and I said, 'It just feels like we're in a dream' and at that moment we both looked at each other and said 'Dream'. Now this was before we'd even seen his eyes and when he finally did open those big dreamy brown eyes, we knew that the name was perfect. Put music on and it won't be long before he is bouncing up and down and his arms are moving. He loves to dance and has picked up our love for music.

Then there's me, Ola, family is everything to me but I'm also extremely passionate about my career. Whilst Darcy keeps us grounded and is the realist, I'm the dreamer. I can sometimes stay awake all night because an idea just won't let me sleep and I want to start actioning steps to make it happen or watching youtube videos on how to level up on our content. Holding down a full time job as Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok, whilst being a content creator and raising a family is a constant balancing act but we make it work. I love all things beauty and when the kids nap time align and I'm not working or cooking, you'll find be probably playing with makeup.

So, in a nutshell that's us, The Pelo Fam, your plantain loving TikToking family. Hope you enjoyed getting to know us a bit better. We're always so grateful for the love and support we receive on TikTok and Instagram and thankful to each one of you who are on the journey with us.

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