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Yes, you CAN make this barista style coffee at home.


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I don't know about you guys but if you're a coffee lover like me, one of the things I missed the most pre-lockdown, was being able to grab a proper and I mean PROPER coffee on the commute. You see, the thing is, once you have got a taste for barista standard coffee, it's super hard not to have high standards. The word coffee snob comes to mind. lol

Depending on how I'm feeling I'm usually a mocha girl, a spiced latte girl in the autumn and you'll definitely catch me also mixing it up with an espresso fix. So, with all of us adjusting to our new normal, Breville is coming all the way through to put that barista style coffee power back in our hands so you can 'Be Your Own Barista'. If you had asked me if I thought I could do this before attending the BYOB masterclass hosted by Breville and Candice Brown, I probably would have given you a look like this...

So, you can imagine my excitement when I finally got to attend a coffee event in person at the beautiful Mortimer House, (albeit socially distanced) with no kids. This was EVERYTHING. Couldn't believe I was actually going to be able to make and drink the coffee whilst it was hot. RESULT.

So, as soon as I stood in front of the Breville Barista Max with coffee beans in hand, I was ready to level up my coffee game.

We spent the morning listening to both Candice and Chloe Taylor, Breville's Resident Barista take us through how to create the perfect espresso at home using the Breville Barista Max in just 3 simple steps: grind, brew and froth, then as if it couldn't get any better this was topped with a latte art masterclass.

Here’s a picture of my barista style coffee, made possible thanks to Breville’s Barista Max.

If you love good coffee, it is near enough impossible not to be in love with this machine. I usually work from our annexe, which is where I've put my Breville Barista Max and my coffee breaks are on a whole other level now. The amount of times I've been asked on a work zoom meeting ‘is that a proper coffee machine?’ and I'm like ohh this thing? Let's just say when we can have people round again, I'll be looking for any excuse to have a coffee morning.

You know that saying 'May your coffee hit before reality does' well, sometimes reality hits hard so make sure you’ve got the coffee to match.

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*This blog post is sponsored by Breville.

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